A Vision for a Brighter Future

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) is dedicated to maintaining and advancing sustainability, not only at the airport itself, but in the surrounding community. The IAA is responsible for the establishment of Sodalis Nature Park in Hendricks county, which provides a safe haven for the endangered Indiana bat and multiple other species, and creates a fun and educational place for Hendricks' residents to bring their families and spend time fishing, walking the trails, or just communing with nature. The nearby apiary cultivates local bees and helps to combat the current slump in the bee population of the United States. The Indianapolis Airport terminal is the first terminal to receive LEED-certification, breaking ground for sustainability measures in the world of air travel. Visible on the way to the terminal is the extensive IND Solar Farm, spanning over 183 acres and capturing the energy of the sun to power over 3,000 Hoosier homes. But this is not all that has been done, nor is it all that will be. What kind of events go on at Sodalis? How much electricity is generated at the IND Solar Farm? What does LEED-certified really mean? What other environmentally-responsible initiatives are occurring at the Indianapolis International Airport? Find out!

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