Ball State University (BSU) is the education partner of the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA). Through its Center for Energy Research Education and Service, BSU is collaborating with the IAA to develop a mobile learning experience for travelers and visitors to maximize wait time while at the Indianapolis International Airport. During this three-year commitment, groups of BSU students taking immersive learning courses envisioned options, developed media assets, and evaluated the results of the project.

Fall 2014 Team: First Semester

The Fall 2014 team identified key topics for the mobile learning system and proposed a variety of ways to engage visitors with mobile learning materials.

Fall 2014 Team (From left to right): Haochen "Ted" Du, Master of Business; Nicholas Hufford, Master of Urban and Regional Planning; Josh Edwards, Architecture; Tim Method, IAA; Kent Ebbing, IAA; Mary Annette Rose, Associate Professor; and Shane Slater, Landscape Architecture (Not pictured, Oliver Ware, Natural Resources and Environmental Management). Photo credit: Zach King

Spring 2015 Team

During the spring of 2015, the team envisioned and developed three video stories, including Development of the IND Solar Farm, Community Benefits of Solar Electricity, and IND: Sustainability and You.

Spring 2015 Team (From left to right, front row): Tim McBride, Telecommunications; Allison Wilson, Digital Sports Production; Jordan Harris, Telecommunications; Weston Cockrel, Telecommunications; Brooks Copple, Telecommunications (back row), Mary Annette Rose, Associate Professor; Amrutha Pulikottil, Public Administration; and Brandon Burgoa, Urban Planning. Photo credit: Zach King

Fall 2015 Team

During fall of 2105, the student team developed the narrative, images, and animation for this web site.

Fall 2015 Team (From left to right, front row): Rachael Walker, Visual Communications; Mary Annette Rose, Associate Professor; Jessica Stanford, Computer Science; (back row) Jessica Lohse, Computer Science; Jessi Lynn, Architecture; and Benn Wilson, Industry & Technology. Not pictured: Kelly Levans, Linguistics; Lauren May, Animation; and Yiyuan "Coy" Yuan, Animation. Photo credit: Robbie Mehling