Sustainability involves minimizing environmental impact to support long-term ecological balance, a vision that the Indianapolis Airport Authority has worked to achieve while optimizing social and economic benefits. This is no small accomplishment, and requires the cooperation and participation of many individuals. Everyone can make a contribution to sustainability through a number of convenient and easily accessible activities. Airport visitors can reduce air pollution by carpooling or by taking public transportation, such as IndyGo's Route 8 bus. There are also electric vehicle charging stations available at the IND parking garage for those with electric cars. Visitors can also use water and electricity conservatively and separate recyclable materials from other solid wastes by using the recycling containers located throughout the terminal.


Each year, over 2,000 tons of solid waste material are collected at the terminal and channeled to community recycling programs. The simple act of putting a used container into a recycling bin reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, cuts down on air pollution, preserves environmental resources, and conserves energy. Aluminum cans in particular require a complicated manufacturing process involving the mining and refinement of bauxite ore, a process which is unnecessary when aluminum is recycled. The energy that would otherwise be spent creating recyclable products from scratch can then be used for other purposes, such as powering electronics. How much power can really be generated by recycling aluminum cans?

Hours of power on a laptop per aluminum can


50 cans
207 hours!

166 hours!

1 can
more than
5 hours!

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To learn more about the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling, visit Recycling Indianapolis, Indiana Recycling Coalition, or U.S. Environment Protection Agency.